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  1. Download and install MO-Call to your mobile phone then register an account to get FREE credit.

  2. Switch on MO-Call and dial your international number.

  3. MO-Call is clever and knows when you are dialing an international number. MO-Call will make your international call at the really cheap MO-Call rate!

Three calling modes: Home, World and VoIP

Home: When you dial an international number, we route your call through a local number onto The Morodo Network. You don't need an internet connection - you can make calls anywhere you get a signal on your phone. All you pay is the local charge plus the really low MO-Call Standard rate. Available in Home Countries.

World: When you dial an international number, MO-Call sends a message to the Morodo Network. We will call you back. When you answer the callback, the call is connected through The Morodo Network. Using callbacks, you are able to save on your roaming bills and even eliminate roaming charges altogether. You pay the cost of an SMS plus the really low MO-Call Callback rate.

VoIP: Connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot to make cheap calls to other phones and free calls to other connected MO-Callers. Available worldwide on most Wi-Fi enabled Nokia handsets. Coming soon to Windows Mobile and iPhone.

Web Calls and SMS

With a registered MO-Call account, you can also make cheap calls or send cheap SMS from the mobile website. Just log in at mo-call.mobi and select Web SMS or Web Callback.

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